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Lia Perjovschi challenged herself after the fall of communism to bring information to Romania that the citizens had no access to under their tightly controlled state. Since 1989, she has created archives, diagrams, and information rooms that tell various modern histories and visually demonstrate how we organize history. Lia Perjovschi's projects, such as her subjective art history, collection of globes, or maps of the mind are straightforward in their concept but complex in their implications. Her artwork asks us to consider how the construction of history affects the structure of our thoughts and if it is possible for an individual to take control of that process.

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Lia Perjovschi is a founder and coordinator of CAA CAA (Contemporary Art Archive and Centre for Art Analysis) an organic work-in-progress project (under different names since 1985) and KM (Knowledge Museum, an interdisciplinary research project from 1999-today). Her activity can be summarised as a journey from her physical body to the universal body of knowledge and was shown in more then 500 exhibitions, lectures, workshops around the world, while her artistic practice comprises various media, from performance to assemblage, from drawing and text to site-specific installations of objects, facts, diagrams, mind maps and timelines. From her earliest days mounting performances and exhibitions in her apartment, in the university or throughout the city, to her recent plans for the Knowledge Museum, Lia Perjovschi has been concerned with producing opportunities for intellectual exchange. In the early 1990s, Lia and her husband and artist Dan Perjovschi turned their studio into the Contemporary Art Archive, an unofficial setting where visitors could survey magazines, books and reproductions of art works from around the world.

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