Glossary of Common Knowledge

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Glossary of Common Knowledge (GCK) is a five-year research project by MG+MSUM in the frame of L’Internationale. It is curated by Zdenka Badovinac (MG+MSUM), Bojana Piškur (MG+MSUM) and Jesús Carrillo (MNCARS) in collaboration with the L’Internationale narrators and the global family narrators. GCK is coordinated by the MG+MSUM and its executive board. The roles of the curators are mainly to formulate an overall concept of the project, to propose and edit the terms, to structure the seminar, to edit the book, and last but not least to invite the global family narrators and the meta-narrator. More about the role of narrators in the next passage.


The compilation of the entries for the Glossary of Common Knowledge will result from discussions at the seminars in Ljubljana, in which all the agents listed above will be expected to participate. There are 6 already selected referential fields agreed upon; historicizationsubjectivizationgeo-politicsother institutionality, and commons. Each seminar will be dedicated to a different referential field.

Each narrator proposes one term for each referential field. That means that during each seminar from 14 to 17 terms will be discussed and elaborated. The narrators will be asked to bring various materials (such as references to projects, artworks, texts, archival materials) only later, in the postproduction stage; for the seminar, only their suggestions on materials are requested, especially those relevant to the discussion at the seminar. During the seminar, screenings, projections, presentations of books and catalogues and similar will be possible. A term can be described from one or more perspectives. Instructions on how to approach the referential fields, i.e. how to choose a term that will correspond to a field: 

1. contemporary understanding of the referential field (related to our own practices)

2. historical reference to the referential field (history or art history)

3. political, social reference to the context

4. L’Internationale projects (references related to the L’Internationale projects; for L’Internationale partners only)

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