Inventories of Escape - Collection of found objects, 2014-2017, ongoing

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Since 2014 we, Massimo Ricciardo and Thomas Kilpper are collecting lost and abandoned objects from refugees and migrants. Objects that have been left behind on boats which had made their way from Africa through the Mediterranean to Europe - More precisely: to the South of Italy.

This project originated from our desire to preserve these objects. Although most of them are ordinary everyday objects we consider them to be unique. This is due to their context, the place of their discovery and their history. all of them bear/carry an inherent quality: the will of their owners to survive and leave behind experienced violence, rape, terror and war.

Many objects in our collection have been laying on the banks of Sicily (in Pozzallo and Siracusa) and Lampedusa for months or even years. The reason is that the stranded boats get confiscated by the Italian state and subsequently rot. Along with many personal belongings that are neglected. In this respect, many objects of our collection reveal something about Europe through their apparently bad conditions: namely how Europe is dealing with the phenomenon of migration.

We try to present the objects as 'neutral' as possible but with respect. In this way, we consciously reverse the imposed European state paradigm of neglect. It's nothing sensational about them either - but through them we can discover and reflect ourselves and the fragility of our lifes. In this respect these objects help us to develop a consciousness of the contemporary world and its unbearable contradictions.

Massimo Ricciardo

Thomas Kilpper

Turin and Berlin May 16, 2017


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